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Your future,
backed by science.

Mylife products and supplements are driven by cutting edge, evidence-based research* so that you'll be covered no matter where you are in life.


Love living longer

We love our products so much that we'll give you a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Brain Health

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Our patented formula** uses 6 natural key ingredients that not only enhance your mental performance today, but alos helps prevent cognitive decline as you age.

Essential for

Heart & Kidney

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Pure, natural and gluten-free, a supplement that supports heart and kidney health so you can live your life to the fullest.

Bring some science into your life.

At MyLife we constantly look forward, identifying supplements and nutritional aids that improve health and longevity. This means all of our products are designed with good science in mind, supported on evidence-based research and work published in leading scientific journals.

About MyLife

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We believe that age should stay as "just a number".


We believe in prevention.


We believe in science.

Our dedication stems from making your health a lifestyle. Your body should keep up with your life and allow you to live it to the fullest – and we believe that, through science, we can achieve these goals.

Founded by an internationally recognized team of scientists and clinical researchers from leading research institutions, our mission is to slow down the aging process, reduce age-related disease –and improve your overall health – by identifying and developing cutting edge nutritional supplements through evidenced-based research.

Be it for the present or the future, one thing remains constant at MyLife: a life well lived starts here.

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