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The only brain health supplement with six safe and well understood ingredients, each clinically shown to be important for brain health and to nourish your brain – uniquely combined in one easy-to-take soft gel capsule.
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Patented Formula

6 key ingredients for your brain

Formulated by an internationally recognized team of neuroscientists, CogGevity is a patented blend** of carefully selected ingredients in the right combination, including a highly bio-absorbable form of Curcumin, to help support brain longevity and healthy aging.**

Omega-3 EPA to help promote cognitive function*

Fisetin to help manage oxidation function*

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract to support a healthy body and mind*

Longvida® Optimized Curcumin for bioavailability with antioxidant properties*†

Omega-3 DHA to help promote GABA*

Vitamin D3 to support overall brain structure and function*

An uplifting outlook on getting older

Our bodies change as we age, and so do our brains. Yet aging does not mean cognitive decline is inevitable. The decisions we make in every stage of life matter— this includes adopting healthy lifestyle choices and taking the right brain supplement to keep our brains functioning well for life. When our brains function optimally, we’re in the best position to enjoy life to the fullest.

Care for your brain

Let age just be a number

We all want to stay sharp and focused as we age. In your 70’s it’s more important than ever to take active measures to protect your brain health. Slow down the aging process.

Losing or misplacing things every now and then or missing a monthly payment can happen to anyone, but forgetfulness may become more common in your 70’s.

Here’s the good news: Cognitive decline is not inevitable with age. Your genes are not necessarily your destiny. There are things you can do to take charge of your brain health, including staying physically active, keeping your mind stimulated with mental, physical and social activities, and nourishing your brain with targeted daily brain health nutrients or a supplement like CogGevity® Advanced Brain Nutrition. ***

More good news: Around one in three participants of an eight-year-long study sailed through their 70’s and into their 80’s with no decline in cognitive function. (1,2)

CogGevity contains Longvida® Optimized Curcumin with a patented delivery system developed by scientific researchers at UCLA to significantly improve the way curcumin is absorbed into the body. This form is over 67 times more absorbable than other forms when tested utilizing the C-Max method, and 285 times better absorbed according to the AUC testing method. *†
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